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coins in the bag
coins in the bag  
I was given two quarters  with colorized photos of the 2008 presidential candidates the McCain coin is on the Arizona state coin from 2008 and the Obama coin is on the Illinois state coin from 2003 they are sealed & packaged plastic with the authenticity  certificate. Thing is I have been looking up this coin and I cannot find any information on it. Can you please tell me what I have here as far as the name of it, the material its made of..(looks like gold but pale) and lastly its worth bought as well as sold. I have a friend who's a collector and I want to give him a fair price if you need a picture I have one attached

Unfortunately, from a numismatic point of view, adding color to the coins destroys their value to a true numismatist.

The TV commercials would have one thinking otherwise, I'm sorry to say.

All they're worth is any intrinsic value.  For example, I own a set of 5 colorized quarters depicting the Twin Towers in a 9/11 commemorative set.  They aren't what my parents paid for them.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Coin and Paper Money Collecting

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