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QUESTION: I have a coin that has a Coronet looking right on the face surrounded by 13 stars.  The reverse has an eagle in the center looking to the left with a shield over its body, an olive branch on the left and what looks to be a bunch of arrows on the right.  Around the eagle are "United States of America" at the top, "Bicentennial" underneath with dates "1776 - 1976" below that.  Directly above the eagle are 13 stars with 9 between its wings.  I have been unable to find this...any help will be appreciated.

ANSWER: Can you please send me a picture of the obverse and reverse (front and back) of the coin?



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QUESTION: Here are images of the front and back.

I apologize for it taking several hours to respond.  I wanted to look through my materials and sources.  About all that I can tell you is that this isn't a coin that was issued by the government.  In addition to the three commonly known bicentennial coins (quarter, half dollar, dollar), there was a gold coin issued ( ), but that looks nothing like what you have.

All I can do is speculate that this may be something from one of those late night infomercials/paid programs that sold in the 74-76 era (bicentennial coins were actually minted in 75 and 76).

I also consulted the US Mint's Coin Library, and here is that link -

I'm sorry that I could not be of more assistance.  If there is a coin shop near you, I'd suggest taking it there.  

I hope I was able to provide some help.  If you want, send me the question and pictures again, and instead of responding, I'll toss it to the question pool, where one of the other experts in this category may be able to be of more assistance.

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