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Please help. I have a golden coin about the size of a silver dollar.One side has the statue of liberty with two buildings (one on either side) dates around the top 1886-1986 the words "The Statue of Liberty" on the bottom. Reverse side has the torch  the with words "I lift my lamp beside the golden door". What do I have?

Hi Bob,

The fact that you did not mention a denomination, eg. cent, dollar etc., tells me that this is a medal, not a coin.  If it were gold or silver, it would state that somewhere on the coin.

They did make brass souvenier medals that sound like what you have.  Without seeing it, I would have to bet that it is infact, a brass meal that has little value.

If you want to send me a picture, I may be able to confirm my suspicion.

Joe Hylas
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