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Coin and Paper Money Collecting/what turkish coins is this ?


ottoman coin1
ottoman coin1  
ottoman coin2
ottoman coin2  
QUESTION: i've owned this kind of turkish coins. dated 1216 hijri. but this coin is unfamiliar as i was checked its availability on the internet. could u recognizing this coins  whether it is a coins or somewhat. tq very much for ur help.

It is not a coin, it is some type of commemorative medallion. I can not see the details close enough in the pictures to identify it exactly.

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QUESTION: thank you for your answer. so are this some sort of token/medal ? the back of this token had one crescent moon with two star at the both side end of the crescent moon. and one flag that waving, with the waving flag constructed of some arabic language..... i found that this kind of token itself are hard to be found on the internet, whether on e-bay neither on the other site. also in the coins reference book. are this be going to be rarest ?.. tq.

**sorry.i have no high quality resolution camera roght now, all am i doing is i get it scanned by scanner. thats the pic that i gave it to you.

tq again.

ANSWER: It's possible that it could be a token, but much more likely it is a medallion. It does not seem to have a denomination as tokens and coins do. Also it looks like it may have one had a loop on top that broke off. Sometimes medallions like this were used as decoration by belly dancers. I can't really say any more without seeing it in better detail.

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front of the item
front of the item  

rear of the item
rear of the item  
QUESTION: thank you again. herewith i attached the clear image of this item for your review. hope u can comment and make it clear what this truly are. tq so so much.

Hi again,
I think this is indeed a decorative medallion used for jewelry or other adornments. It is an older version of what you can see in this Google images link:

The damage at the top is from the clasp that attached it. It also has a serial number in englsih and western numbers. This supports this idea.

Thanks again for the question! :)

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