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I have found a Bank of England 20 sterling banknote which has one of the 2 UV flourescent inks missing. Under UV light, there is a numeral '20' which is constructed of red and green flourescent ink. However, the green flourescent is missing to the point that traces of it can only be seen by looking under a UV microscope. The note is verified genuine. My question is, does this make the note valuable to a collector?


Hello Andrew,

When it comes to error notes and error coins the rule of thumb is the more obvious the higher the value. If you need a UV microscope to spot the error my guess is that the value will not be much more than the face value of the note.

If you were to examine a few hundred notes you might find more of these errors. When a note is missing  printing layer or when the printing is grossly off center it does add some value. There is no auction history or price guides that describe this error (or none that I could find) so I think we can assume that the value is minimally above face value.

David McConaghy

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