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specimen notes  
QUESTION: Dear Sir I am sorry to bother you, i have been on the stupid net for weeks now trying to find the value of some notes i have, so far i have been lucky i found 5 notes out of 10  dearly would love to know the value of these notes if you can spare bit of your time.  The notes are = People's Bank of China specimen 10 yuan 1965 - 2 yuan 1960 - 5 jiao 1972 - i jiao 1962 - 2 fen 1953 all of these notes are specimen and the serial numbers are xxx ooooooo i have had them for about 35 years never been out of the book atlas.
If  i can work out how to send  you pictures of them  i will asap. And there is one more question would you be interested to bay them if not can you please suggest how i can go about it please, In case you are interested why i want to sell them it's because i found my daughter i have never seen for 38 years she will be 40 in january so yes i would love to go and catch up with her if i can get some money together, thankyou very much for your time.John.

ANSWER: Hello John,

I would like to start out by saying that these are heavily counterfeited and 999999999999.9% are fake. The fakes began right after WWII.

If they are real the value would range from $150 to $1000 per note. You will need to send them to PMG or PCGS Currency grading to have them authenticated and graded. The cost is about $30 per note - very well worth it if they are real.

Typically these would have only been available in China and through government officials. If they came through a flea market or coin dealer 35 years ago I am sure that they are not real.

Good Luck

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Wow i am so happy to hear from you not to many people bother to reply.
I do believe these notes are real i did take  drive   few months ago to a coin dealer nearest coin dealer is about 100 miles away from my place, the reason i believe they are real is because they made me offer 3 thousand for all ten notes but in my search i found i think about 7 of my notes on e/bay there asking price just for one of them is $3.869-00 that's for 1960 5 yuan. then $2,273-00 2 yuan 1960 for 1 yuan 1960 about the same and for 1 fen 2 fen 5 fen 1953 $1,999-00 for the 3 of them,
still can't find out the value for 1965 10 yuan -5 jiao 1972 so as you can see why i wasn't keen on selling them for 3 thousand i do not expect to get the full price as i have seen them on the e/bay but i feel just bit more would be fair price.
I guess i would love you to tell me what would be  a fair price for the ten notes if that is possible.
I am very much thinking of taking you up on your suggestion To send them to PMG or PCGS when i figure what that is and i guess finding about 300 dollars could be more important 2.
But i would like to tell you i value your time, and you have helped me out by giving me some idea about the value i kind of feel %50 sure if you know what i mean.

If I were you I would hurt myself if necessary getting back to that dealer who offered you $3000. Please keep in mind that the notes you saw on eBay selling for the big money were already certified. In my opinion I do not believe that your notes will pass certification but if that other dealer thinks they will you should sell them to him as fast as you can.

If you really feel strongly about their authenticity then send them to the graders but keep in mind that they charge you either way and you could not go back to that dealer in good conscious and sell him the notes after they failed authentication.

Good Luck,
David Mc

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