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Hi Dmitry. I was wondering if you could help me out identifying these two coins/tokens. one seems to be modeled after a gold 20 Francs coin but both of these coins are extremely light, almost feeling like aluminum. On the 20 piece, there are small markings that say "Cartaux Paris". I found something similar in my online searches that said this piece was a brothel token? I Could not find anything conclusive and I could not find out anything about the 10 francs piece. Any information helping identify and value(if any)would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

After seeing the pictures in the second question, I can confirm these are not brothel tokens. They are what are known as card counters. Basically chips for use in playing card games. Such items are definitely interesting and have historical significance, unfortunately they generally are not very valuable though. The most well known examples of such items are the British spade-guinea copies which were mass produced throughout the 19th century. (Here is a link on those:
The French examples are not as common, but still present a limited collector market. They feel very lightweight because they are "shells"; hollow on the inside.
Thanks for the question :)

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