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Silver Penny
Silver Penny  

Silver Penny
Silver Penny  
I have a silver colored Lincoln penny Dated 1978; minted in Denver.
I do not believe the coin is "washed", or "painted" with a different material. The coin weighs 3.05 grams. The coin has been circulated.
Is the weight right for a Circa 1978 Penny?
As far as I can tell, the coin is normal in every way; It is just silver in color. I got this coin in a collection of steel pennies from my father's estate. (sorry - no 1944 steel pennies).
The sandwich coins started appearing in 1965. The aluminum pennies were struck in 1974. The sandwich pennies started to be struck in 1984. I have pictures of the coin on a scale; sorry about the lousy quality. Is this a hoax? I wonder.

I have actually heard of this, but am not too well read on steel cents after 1943.

I'm actually on vacation, so I don't have access to my books.  I did find a website that may be of some use.

One way to tell if it is steel is to take a magnet to it.  If the magnet picks up the coin, you've likely got something valuable.

I hope this helps.

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