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I have a coin that has one side a penny and the other side a dime.  Both side are the non-head sides of the coins.  Is this coin worth anything.  The penny side is of copper and the dime is of the dime metal.

Hello Junius,

This is a very common question I have been asked a number of times in the past.   

They are not a collectors item, it is not rare and it is not an error coin.

I have experience with these coins and have seen them in Quarters, Half Dollars and Nickels. (I guess itís the thickness that aides in the making of them). These two headed, or Two Tailed coins are Trick coins, sometimes called Magicians Coins.

All the ones I have come across are machined out on one side carefully keeping the edge intact, while another coin is thinned and slightly reduced in diameter to remove the edge.
The smaller and thinner half is then placed in the hollowed out half coin.

Look with a good magnifier and light source, where the lower field on the dime side of the coin, meets up to the edge. They can be press fit or glued together. Another check is weight; an actual One Cent coin blank weighs 3.11 grams before 1982 and 2.5 grams after 1982.

Sometimes done as a novelty to sell, to fool people on a coin toss, or a machinist apprentice fooling around. I have also heard of them being sawed in half and glued together, but those sawed ones are easier to detect.

They may sell for .50 cents and up to $2 dollars in a shop. Again they are not rare, and are not in demand by coin collectors.

The modern process the US Mint uses makes it virtually impossible for an HEADS (obverse) die to be matched with anything but a TAILS (reverse) die in the presses used to stamp out coins.

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