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My dad has a 1943 wheat back penny, its not the normal copper color. After a lil research, ive concluded that it must be made of steel. It weighs 2.7grams and sticks to a magnet. I have never seen this kind of coin. Is there anythong you can tell me abt it? I would appreciate any info you can provide. Thank you for your time. :)

Hello Cherry,          

The 1943 Lincoln Cents are indeed made of 'ZINC COATED STEEL' and released only in 1943.
There is some value for them but it is small as it was produced in all three mints by the millions.
The amount the coin may be worth is based on two factors:
1) The U.S. Mint it was struck at.  2) The Condition or grade of the coin.

Owing to a shortage of copper during the War, the Treasury Department used steel for the Cent. No bronze coins were officially made that year, although some exist, and through a similar error some steel cents from 1944 do exist.

The number produces at each mint follows;
Philadelphia produced 684,628,670 of them.
Denver Mint produced 217,660,000 of them.
San Francisco produced 191,550,000 of them.

It is likely there are many rolls of them, even to collect a 50 to 100 of them would have been easy in the 1960's to 1970's. I don't see too many of them in circulation any more.

A lot of them did rot away if they were exposed to the elements.
Their value ranges from .20 cents for lower grade specimens to about $3.00 in brilliant un-circulated condition to collectors.

I hope this information is helpful.
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