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QUESTION: HI there Dmitry.  This is a general question about the 2 tailed Euro  set that was graded by anacs sometime ago . I still haven't seen the 1 Euro or the 2 Euro. Do you know if there are any that were graded and genuine? I could see the 1 euro but the bi metal 2 Euro couldn't possibly exist except in a magic shop. If there were such a thing of a true genuine 2 euro double tail or double head and only 1 known example r-8, graded genuine. what price could it fetch? if we were to compare it for example with the 2 US quarters that were man made, sold I believe for 50,000 USS each and there were 2 examples. Recently I heard of these 3 examples of rogues nails that had a struck dime on them sold each for about40k I believe. Anyways , thanks for your honest input.


Sorry for the delay in responding to your question.

The 6 piece set that ANACS certified are the only Euro coins of this type I have ever heard of. As with the US quarters, there is always a strong suspicion that they were intentional errors made by mint employees. It really does not make sense for it to be accidental as the hammer and anvil dies are held in place with different mechanisms and there is no way someone can set two of the same without quickly realizing something is not right. This also tends to keep the values down. I think if it could be proven that such a coin was a true error and not an assisted one, the price would be into the 6 figures.

There are spectacular modern coin errors from some countries, particularly India and Malaysia, that bring super low prices compared to similar types of error from elsewhere. The reason being is that collectors know for a fact that mint employees create them and sneak them out to be sold.

And a side note, it's equally possible to do on a bimetallic coin as any other. The planchet already has both metals in it when it's struck. There is really nothing different about how they are struck from single metal coins.
As for the dimes struck on nails, some people are also suspicious, but these are much more plausible than the two-tailed or two-headed coins.

Thanks for the question :)

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2 Euro double tail
2 Euro double tail  

QUESTION: Thank you for your professional and prompt response Sir. I have attached for you a picture of the only known Genuine 4 Euro or two tailed 2 E with two reverse dies.

also you will find an interesting discussion about it and it's origin.

Kind regards

I actually did see that one, but I completely forgot about it. I'm Numismat on that forum, I was one of the people replying to the thread. Reading back over it the combination of incorrect alignment and two different years of dies is strong evidence for it being an assisted error. Being unique and certified, it can likely still go for sky high money if it went to auction.  

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