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Hello. I found a question and answer post to you from a Michael P. Dated 11/27/2012.  You helped him identify a coin similar to the ones I have.  We have a book marked Mexico Five Centuries of History 1492-1992. Along with the book is a wooden box containing 5 gold colored coins, each encased in plastic. There is also a Cert. Of Auth. Paper. 5-2 onzas de oro. From Casa De Moneda De Mexico. Can you tell me how I would go about finding if these coins are gold? Each coin weighs 2.2 oz.  Like Michael asked you, how do we know if these are solid gold or just gold plated over silver or some other material? Would this be more valuable as a complete set?(book plus coins in box).  My internet searches have only come up with limited Spanish hits and my knowledge of the language is also limited.  Your help is much appreciated.  Thank you, Barbara

I have never personally seen the gold version of this set, but everything sounds correct. It would most certainly be worth more as a set with the documentation. As the set seems to be quite rare, I would not be able to tell you an accurate value, only that it would have a significant premium over the base value of the gold.

These would be .999 gold (just as the silver versions are .999 silver). The reason they weigh 2.2 ounces rather than 2 is because they are 2 troy ounces and your scale is measuring standard/postal ounces. 2.2 standard ounces is equal to 2.0 troy ounces - so that all checks out.

I don't believe you have anything to worry about in terms of authenticity and them being solid gold. If you still have concerns, a jeweler can determine with 100% certainty, just make sure they don't use the acid test as it will damage the medals. Any experienced jeweler will know solid gold by holding it their hand, as it is much more dense than other metals. Many will also have an XRF scanner or be able to do a specific gravity test, neither of which will harm the pieces.
Thanks for the question :)

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