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I got theses coins in Hong Kong back in '86/'87...just came back across them again the other day. They both weigh 11.2 grams. Are they really gold? They're probably a 120 Yr commemorative set of Sun's birthday. One has Sun's face on it with his name (in English), some Chinese lettering, and 1886-1925, on the back. The other has his wife'said face with Chinese writing, his residence, and English saying that it's his residence...I can email pictures.

Such commemorative medals were indeed made in gold, so it's definitely possible that yours is .900 (22 karat) gold. They were also made in silver and common metals. The best way to determine is to have a jeweler look at it, just make sure they don't do an acid test as this will damage the piece. Most jewelers can perform a specific gravity test, or will have an XRF scanner, both of which will do the job without damaging the medal. I would not be able to tell you from pictures alone, as there is no way to discern a plated versus solid gold piece from photos.
Modern unofficial gold medals in general are worth around 10%-15% above melt value when sold by a dealer.

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