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We have a 1977 that has no back it is almost like it is Hollow the front is in good shape but there is no back  to the penny would like to know it's worth

Hello Ronnie,
I did not get your original question? So I did not see this posting ---- ?
Look carefully at the edge of your coin.

The way coins are made is the Anvil or bottom die is stationary below the collar that holds the loaded one cent blank. The coins are fed into the collar very fast after the raised edge is (rim) imparted to the blank. If two blanks were stuck together it should not have gone into the feeder mechanism.
If a cent was stuck on the anvil die when the Hammer die came down it would have spread the coin (broad struck) since it was not held in the collar. All I have seen are made off center and have a depressed image of the coin that was stuck on the anvil die.

It is possible to machine off the design, but only for pre 1982 U S Cents.

These coins are usually a dollar if actually caused by a process at the US Mint.

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Sorry I could not be more help.

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