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Back of coin
Back of coin  

Front of coin
Front of coin  
I have a 2013 the front is normal but the back looks very dull and like it missed a coating. The coin is thinner than another 2013 quarter.  Could it be worth anything?

Discolored Clad Coin
Discolored Clad Coin  
Hello Tina,
Sorry there is no additional value for your coin.
This error is not caused by the Mint, but the metal supplied to them.

Look at how clear is the Obverse (heads side) of the coin is.
Then at how detailed the Reverse (tails side) is.
The coin pictured looks like it has the full design. If the design is equally strong and detailed on both sides compared to a normal Quarter it is NOT the thickness that is wrong.

Then - What did Happen:
The U.S. Mint buys strips of metal about 13 inches wide and 1,500 feet long to manufacture the clad coins. Each coil is fed through a blanking press which punches out round discs called blanks.
When the coil of Nickel Clad Copper material comes near the end of a roll, the thickness and composition is not always in perfect condition.  This discoloration is common and often only on one side.
Get a good magnifier and a light source. Examine the edge on the coin at all angles.
The silver colored part made of a copper and nickel alloy is ductile. The metal often stretches over the coins edge to hide the pure copper core that is in the middle of the metallic sandwich. In the same way the softer copper can stretch down and cover the Nickel colored part this can make the coin look thin.

If the surface is kind of rough and pitted it may have been in an liquid that damaged the surface before it was struck.

I hope this information Helps.

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Good Luck  

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