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QUESTION: HI , I was once on here years ago, for the same question about The JSO coin I have.
WE just about confirm that it may be real (in spite of the NCG) So I am trying to try again and pick up were I last stopped, but I need to find someone that knows and wants to clear up this mystery I have.
It seems I know more about this Coin then the NCG and from others (from this site) have also stated the missing information and missed informed.
Can you help me with this Mystery.


What is your question?

David Mc

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QUESTION: To clear up this mystery, real or not and reason for it (real or not).
A friend of mine found my question and answers with you (allexpert) from 2012, but some reason when they emailed me the information it did not come to me.
What I sent to the NCG

  This coin is a mystery, I have done some research on it from many resource and I am still puzzled.  According “Walter Breen’s Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins”, This coin (J.S.O.) that I have seems to be made the way it was done in the same fashion as in 1849.  So is this coin original or reproduction? If it is a reproduction, Why and when and for what purpose was it done. Mysterious part is, if it is part of the original mintage, who out of the four persons that designed and made it? Was there mistakes coin (error, commemorative, proof).
  With very little information on this coin, and that this coin was used for a short time, (melted down after used). The references stated above is supported by other maternal (sources) that I found, also stated the same, coin made by pressing together (by sledgehammer), not refined well, etc.
I found reference also in the 1962,’66, ’67, 2000 –“ A Guide Book of U.S. coins”, by Yeoman, along with other references.
Once you have certified my coin what are my option or ware do I go from here ?

1)Two brothers started the mintage (Ormsby’s brothers), then they brought a third person in (Mr. Pierson), Later bought  Mr. Light to mint it.
2)It “Fails the dumb test” (suppose to), poorly annealed , One source used the phase Planchet other use the word Blanks, used in the process, a other word used was Parchment (covering).
3)The coin was laminated ( when I found the coin it has a black cover (Layer) (laminate ?) except a small area.  I used alcohol to clean the coin , I saw the gold color, (not brass or copper). (Gold filled ? )
4)The letter “R” is stamped upside down (different size and style)on the coin,  From the poor example of people (expert coin collectors) that have seen the coin and made rash statements on the coin(usually failing the dump test), most  like the same in the person who stamped the R.
5)So what is it and why, what is it made of , and when was it made?

Hope yo ucan help with this Coin


This is a very easy one.

The coin is a replica.

The R on it tells you that it was made after the stamp and hobby act and was marked with an R to acknowledge that fact. You can type in "JSO Coin" into your google search engine and you will find many examples that look just like yours with the R stamped into the. Here is  a link to one of many that popped up when I searched:

NGC is a very compete and very well thought of company and they do not have a history of making mistakes on authenticity. I am not sure why you are questioning their findings.

If you want to spend more money on this pursuit you can send this coin to PCGS - they will be happy to take another $80 or so of your money to tell you what you heard from NGC and myself.

David McConaghy

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