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Coin and Paper Money Collecting/1831 large Cent stamped NEWARK


Sorry to bring up old topics but I was researching this coin I found and could not locate any answers or leads then ran across this old tread, It would seem like myself and the last gentleman that asked you are the only two on the web.

Have you seen anything like this since your original answer in 2010 and if not what advice would you give me on finding the history of this coin?

Hi Ashtin,
The word NEWARK was stamped into the coin after it lest the mint.  This was not done by the mint.

Usually things like this were done by merchants to use for advertising, or to promote an event.

There is really no way of knowing the original intent of counter stamping these coins.

You could research every NEWARK in the US and maybe find something, but it's a shot in the dark.

Good luck!


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