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Good morning/evening,
 Upon the reply to my recent inquiry as to the small "kuel mark" on a Chinese fen there was no follow up to rate and thank. Therein as such...Thank you for the information about that coin.
 The tokens/coin attached I know not if they hold significant value or rarity given I found very little information about them other than: (Bottom right) Sandoz pharmaceuticals used to give these pewter tokens out as a marketing technique in the 1960's(?).  
 The same for the pewter tetradrachme above it, though it was British Petroleum in Europe with a German and Netherlands variety 1960's(?).  
 The 32 Rue was a brothel token around 1890's(?),looks uncirculated and the De Singe variety seems rare.
 The MYSTO token, found out after the lot photo, is not foreign, yet this particular one is 24mm, lead, MT261 R5 scarce (was mentioned in an auction lot).  
 The 2000 Vatican City ANNO SANTO is 5.4grams .800 silver and a proof commemorative token(?)
 The 1722 Italy Venice 15 soldi is in better condition than most I saw on EBAY, yet NGC has no graded value.  

 The value is rather second nature, though , at some point I should know.  Thank you.


Well you have the attributions correct. As far as value, the Venetian coin is worth around $25 and the brothel token is in very nice condition and worth about the same. The others are worth minimal. The MYSTO magician token is actually rather common, plus the market for these is rather limited. The other three are novelty pieces.

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