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I have this quarter (dated year 1995) it looks like it had shifted in the machine to the right hand side some how. You can see where the force of the machine had started down on the coin but then some-way shifted, the letters in the word Liberty (RTY) hit the rim of the coin.
The coins edge is smooth as well, with no ridges.

Hi Linda,
Without a picture, I can only guess as to what the problem was.  When a coin blank (planchet) is in the minting machine, a collar is around the coin which prevents to coin for shifting.  Lack of that collar may be why the letters are shifted.  However, the smooth edge tells me that the reeding process was not completed.  I believe that is the final process after the coin is minted.

Errors such as these occur, and are not extremely rare. I have seen them trade for anywhere from $10 to $25.
If you search eBay for a similar item, you may be able to see what the current pricing is on that coin.  Look for 1995 quarter, plain edge, shift  and you may find something.

Good luck!

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