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QUESTION: Good evening,
May I ask for your help with these coins/tokens?  I know their attributes mostly: The 1958J deutshcmark am unsure of grade.  The small token is from Austria and was a business token from Here Lanze's coin shop, yet little else is known.  The large Asian coin is made of steel (magnetic) and guessing it is from the late 1800's,early 1900's and is a fantasy coin?  The Ganesh is 10 grams and silver, and apparently quit being produced some time ago.  The 1916 50 is a Gem BU from a very reputable seller and the 1928 Lazarus is from Colombia and is 50 centavos used in the leper colony, though I found a circle that is on it that looks mint made and is not on any other coins of the same year denomination that I have seen, which I was wondering if it has any significance?  Thank you.

The large Asian coin is a modern fantasy piece, many consider these to be counterfeits but they technically not copying an existing coin, so they are fantasies.
The Ganesh coin is a novelty Hindu medallion, these were made in the mid to late 20th century in a variety of designs. They usually do not sell for much more than silver value.
The 1916 50 pennia is quite common in gem BU condition, as are 1915 and 1917 dated coins. They did not circulate much by that time when Russian occupation of Finland was coming to an end.
The small circle on the leper colony coin is the result of damage after it left the mint.
I can't make out the grade of the 1958 mark from the picture, and also can't really make out the token with what appears to be two children on it.

Thanks for the question

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QUESTION: Better pics of the deutshchmark and token.  The token obverse(?) is of two cherub's playing violins with Prosit Neujahr below them and the reverse(?) has the proprietors name H. Lanz Hauptplaz 14/1 Graz/Austria with a pig holding a four leaf clover in it's mouth (in case the image is hard to read) Thank you

The mark appears to be lightly circulated. These coins can be valuable, but only in superb mint state as they are very common in circualted condition but difficult to find uncircualted.
The token, I can't really find much information on. Similar tokens from the early to mid 20th century generally are worth a few dollars.

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