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I'm a banknotes collector and I'd like to purchase Sri Lankan and Ceylon banknotes. I'll be in Colombo for a few days next week. Can you recommend a shop where to purchase banknotes?
Thank you very much.
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Many of the Antique Shops down Chatham Street in Colombo Fort will have notes for Sale.
There is another shop at Sausiri Shopping Complex, Highlevel Road, Nugegoda but that is open only on Fri-Sat-Sun. Then there are some dealers who operate without a shop front.

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has a coin and currency museum on Chatham Street near
LightHouse clock Tower,and they also sell modern currency notes.

If you let me know what you are looking for I maybe able to help more.

Give me a call at 0717072020 if you need to speak to me for more details.

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Dr Kavan

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