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Coin and Paper Money Collecting/I have a dime that looks like it has no face.


QUESTION: 1960 it on my pocketchange.

Any value or insight about how it be ame like this?

The other two dimes are 1972D and 1973D dimes.....It appears the Roosevelt in the 1973 dime that looks like a 75 has an earring and a tatoo on the nack of his neck....

In the 1972D dime theres  an eagle flying right out of the back of his

Any value on the two mint errors in circulation over 40yrs??

ANSWER: Hi Carlo,

Thank you for the pictures.

I have to believe that all three coins had something happen to them at some point after they left the mint.

Somebody took a grinder to the 1960 dime, the 1973 was caused by some kind of contact, and I can't really see the eagle you refer to on the 1972.

I'm sure none of these were like this when they came out of the mint, and collector interest in these will be minimal -- at least the 1960 is silver, so you have that value (about $1.50), but it would be difficult for me to get anyone to give me a dollar apiece for the other two.

Wish I had better news for you - I hope this helps.


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1984 2 ear
1984 2 ear  
1985 2 ear
1985 2 ear  
QUESTION: I took the dime to the local guy here....he told me if it was grinded that much it would be blue on the back....when weighted it came out to 2.49 grams that's an aweful amount missing on his head for .1 wouldn't you say....oh btw the dime is nice Shiney n pristine on the back....

Got thsee two to have a look at....I think ones a 1984 two ear Lincoln and a 1985 two,ear Lincoln aswell...

ANSWER: Hey Carlo,

I'm still convinced that the dime has been altered sometime after it left the mint.

Unfortunately, the pictures of the Lincolns are too small to see any doubling -- they would have to be really magnified to be able to see the doubling of the ear.


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QUESTION: Thanks so much for your time and expertise....I now know that cruddy photos reveal very little so I've been honing my skills at taking pics with this darn cellphone...

My solution was to use the built in optical reader application...It works alot better now and I will get you updated photos that are much more clearer...once again Thanks.

Can I ask your opinion about this 1952D penny?

Is that where the bullet came out?  snicker, snicker ...

Looks like a defective planchet error ... appears that you can still see parts of the design within the area of missing metal - an indication the depression was there before the coin was struck.

This could be worth a few bucks -- probably less than 10.


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