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Hello. I am a very small time collector and my entire collection probably values under $1000. I was born in 1995 and today I saw a 1995 silver proof set at a pawn shop. I got it for $25 and that's cool regardless of how much I should have paid. Well, when I got it home I deeply examined it and realized that the quarter inside is a 1996. All of the other pieces are 1995. It is clearly sealed and hasn't been tampered with. Am I striking gold or striking out? Thanks -Will

Be sure, Will, not to break the packaging.  I would believe your set, if legitimate, would sell for a premium.  I couldn't find any examples of such an error or sales, but someone compiled a list of printing and packaging proof set errors, you should check it out, and watch ebay.  Just remember though that just because someone is asking a certain price doesn't mean that's the value.


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I will answer your questions about encased coins (lucky pennies), which are advertising and event tokens with coins, unually cents, struck with the token.


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TAMS -- several articles on encased coins, in particular the encased coins of the 1901 Buffalo Pan American Exposition
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