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Dear Joe

I read your remarks mentioned in your mail dd 9/27/2009 wherein you
showed us the picture of a gold coin minted in Iraq around 1981

I have a similar one which I got in 1981 from one of my Iraqi clients
as a gift.

what is puzzling me till today is that noone seems to know this gold coin
it is not published , neither by the central Ban k of Iraq , nor by gold coin collectors

could you tell me whether you have got some amswers to your questions ?
it would help me a lot

for your info , I have been working in Iraq from 1970 upto 1995

sincere regards

Hi Marcel,

Wow, 7 years ago I wrote that!  I have to imagine that the info was retrieved from The Standard Catalog oh World Coins by Krause Publishing.

Not being able to read those  coins, I usually have to match the designs.  But honestly, there are quite a few genuine coins that the catalog seems to have missed over the years. So just because it isn't listed doesn't necessarily mean it isn't genuine.
Maybe it was a piece that never make it into mass production such as a pattern coin?

I'm sorry I can offer nothing more...

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