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Daphne wrote at 2009-01-17 17:10:16
When I was in middle school I found a 1956 penny just like that too. So there is more than one at least. I sold it for about a hundred dollars. But what do I know about coins? Not a whole lot and I would assume it could sell for a whole lot more.

Tom wrote at 2009-12-30 06:21:21
I have the same penny from 1956 in fine condition. Mine is larger than the penny and smaller than a nickel. The rim appears more pronounced. and feels light

fast draw wrote at 2013-02-02 05:33:57
I have a 1956d Cent struct on a dime planchet, probably in EF that I found in Carlsbad Ca. in 1964 when I was into collecting. What's the best way to dispose of an oddity?

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