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Coin and Paper Money Collecting/1959 Penny, either plated or not copper??


JINISE wrote at 2008-07-10 06:21:19

Your answer to the Brass/Bronze colored 1959 Penny,left me with little doubt that you have extensive knowledge in Numismatics. Unfortunately, with all do respect, I do not feel your answer properly addressed the issue at hand.First of all, the fact that the "The Minting Process" was not designed to allow for an error of this type, does not mean that the process,would never result in an error. Especially since the Designer(s),Fabricator(s),and Operator(s)of this "Process", are all Human.Secondly, I too have a coin that matches this description. I feel that the mistery behind it's existence, has yet to be discovered. Mostly because any answers I have received when researching the above stated coin,have been very evasive,or the given rational has been unrelated, and very weak.

sam wrote at 2008-11-04 03:08:41
I too have a 1959 penny matching this description.  there must be some true reason behind this common occurance.

Jeannie wrote at 2013-02-04 17:10:15
I have a penny like the one described as well.  I am also very interested in finding out the mystery of the "off" color.

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