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Pitney Bowes
Pitney Bowes  
QUESTION: Bill and Jan:

I have 3 scales.

1. A Toledo Scale from my family business - The model style is 311821FO and the serial # is 95560.

2. A package scale - Pitney Bowes S-120 - NO. 19676.

3. Triner Scale and MFG, Chicago Ill. very small - great condition

Could you advise me on value and age? pictures attached.




Your Toledo might date from the 1920s to the 1940s. The Pitney Bowes dates to the 1960s and historical information on the Triner Scale Company may be found on their web site here: .

The Toledo is not of much value to collectors who find them too large and heavy. Its value might be in the manufacturing sector where it could be useful as a parts counter which was its intended use. Retail value might be $200-$400.

The Pitney Bowes is not very desirable to collectors as most like earlier scales. Retail value might be $25-$40.

Without a photo we can't value the Triner as the company manufactured a wide range of scales.

Hope this helps.

Weigh Daily!!!

Bill & Jan Berning

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QUESTION: Thank you - suprised at the value of the Toledo scales for the capacity of it - thought it would be worth significantly more.

Attached is the Triner picture...

Best Tim

Hi Tim,

The Triner is a postal scale with a brass beam, plate and poise weight. These scales were used extensively by the US Postal Service and yours dates from the 1920s-1930s. Retail value might be $25-$50 with original paint like yours has.

Hope this helps.

Weigh Daily!!!

Bill & Jan Berning

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