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QUESTION: I have worked on Mills mostly and have had 2 Seeburg/Williams machines so I have a little knowledge but need to check this out before I go nuts trying to fix a problem in the wrong areas. My machine has an issue paying correctly with the combination on the strips. Wheel 1 seems to be ok along with #3, but #2 seems to not be right. Stamped on the inside part of the wheels are markings with a B. 3LE 1 on the first wheel, B. 3LE 1 on the second and B. 3LE 3 on the third. My question is asking about wheel #2. Is this wheel marking to be B 3LE 2 instead of 1? I am thinking so but without previous Bally slot experience I want to ask someone who would knows for sure. The payouts seem to be right if the right combination was showing but it seems to be off 2 spaces, at least for the cherries. Thanks for your time

ANSWER: Hi David,

which machine are you having the problem with, the Bally or the seeburg/Williams? Also where did that hyper link come from in the word "Bally Slot" above, that you wrote above in your question,did you add that? Just found that strange and now I am wondering if your question here is just a plug for that Casino. Which would be a big waste of my time in answering it, if all this is not legit question, I hope you understand what I mean? Anyway please let me know just what machine you are asking about here as I have never seen these numbers on a Bally Machine. Funny, I also see another hyper link below in the key words so maybe it is the allexperts site selling avertisement, and I need to look into this some. If so, it might be time for me to move on.

Thank You
Rodger Knutson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have not added any link any where. Dont have a clue even where it is, I dont see one on my end here. Back to the machine, I am working on the Bally 831 machine and it appears to have 3 index plates on each wheel. They have stamps on them as I stated in my original question. The first 2 reels have the same stamp on the index plate (the plate with the slots in them for the arms to slide into to register what fruit is on the wheel for the lines. It is a 3 line machine. I really am thinking that the first 2 index disks are the same because of the stamp on them match and the slots in the index disks match and I think they should be different. Now back to the link thing, I am sure that you know the name Preston Evans and Opportunity Auctions, you can verify me with him as he has known me for a long time. I hope he is still around because I haven't contacted him for quite some time. I am sorry that my message to you got the links stuck in there but it was no part of my doing.
Thanks for the time in helping me with this.
Dave Fowler

ANSWER: Hi David,
I know it's not your hyper links now, it something allexperts is doing as right now I see three of them in you follow up question. I can't believe allexperts is doing this or allowing it to be done. We all here all do this service for free, and get nothing out of it, but now they want to do this stuff with the hyper links to make tons of money off us. Anyway, I had to ask because this is something new and I just want to know where it was coming from. So this is a Bally game, and the stamps are on the index disks. Oh, also now that I see you name, I have heard of you in the slot world, not sure where but I do know your name. So, nice to talk with you David. Here is what I see with the disk numbers, I have noticed on a lot of the Bally games that two of the reel strips can be the same, so if your machine is using two of the same reel strips, then the disks can carry the same numbers. I would check to see if these two reel strips are in fact the same, and then you could go further with it and see if these two reel index disks are also stamped out the same. I know on mechanical slots the reel strips are marked 1,2 and 3 and the disks are to. But it seams to me that this might of changed with the e/m's and electronic machines that came out later. Is this a E/M model M-831, or an electronic model with boards like a E-831? I am asking this as the reel index disks would be completely different for the E/M models Verses the Electronic models. I guess it is the E/M model as above you write that the disks have slots in them for the index arms to slide into, so this would be an e/m as the e's use lights instead of arms. If this machine where an electronic model I could look it up and tell you just what the reel strip numbers you should be using the sub numbers which are the numbers after the model number, I call them the dash numbers, like a model 831 might be a model 831-092. The -092 would be the dash numbers and tells us which game this model 831 slot machine has installed in it. Now I have to say, I have never seen this written on paper anywhere about machines using the same numbered disks when two of the strips are the same, and the disks carry the same disk numbers. I just know this from experience so it is possible that I could be wrong about this. I will check a few of the e/m's that I have so I can see if this same thing comes up on those anywhere and let you know if I see the same thing being played out on those machines. You can try this on E/M's, coin up the machine and kick the reels off, stop the clock with your hand and line up reels with the bars on a pay line, hold the reels and let the clock go. This would tell you if all the different bar combinations will payout with the three bar payout combination. If it does, then you would know that your reel strips are lined up correctly, and if they are you would then know that one of your reel strips hasn't moved or slid out of place on the reels. If it doesn't pay out, then maybe one of your reel strips has moved out of place or was put on wrong. I would then see if I could slide any of the reel strips by hand to see if one of the strips was not clamped down hard enough to prevent it from slipping. If nothing above clears this up, then I would try to locate the symbols that are wrong and mark them to see if its just was one or three or how many combinations are wrong, and if only one or two were wrong I would then think about adding a symbol patch over the incorrect one. You do this by cutting a 3 symbol patch from an old reel strip, so if your original strip has say a cherry that should of been a non payout symbol like a lemon, and that lemon had say a plum above it and a bar below the bad cherry, I would then find a reel tape with those new three symbols that I needed, Like: plum-Lemon-Bar and I would cut that out and add it over that bad cherry symbol. You use a three symbol combination so only one end of the patch will be seen in the payout window at anytime, it looks a lot better that way. I still can't figure just where it was that I know of, or ran across your name but I will, did you write a slot book, or are you in print in some slot information out there, somewhere? Sorry if I over reacted David, over those hyper links, and I did not see them after I wrote my answer to you, but right now I see them, three this time, in your follow up question that I am answering now. I also have a forum on my web site, so I am forever fighting these spammers, no one would ever believe just how bad it gets unless they try to put together a forum to help people, then the spammers attack from all over the world, and keep it up day after day after day, it is incredible. So I really hate these spammers with a passion. Now I really am having another problem with this, and it's right here, allexperts is spamming us, you and I, so they are kind of giving themselves cancer. If they keep this up I for one might just leave them as I do this for totally free as everyone else here does also. Why should we put up with this? Are you reading this here Mr. Allexperts, if not, you should be reading it, as it's your future.

Thank You David and I'll let you know if I find anything else out on this problem that your having with your machine. Please feel free to come back and post an update if you find anything out.

Thank You
Rodger Knutson  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I thank you for the time you have given to this for me. I have been to quite a few of Preston Evans auctions years ago and maybe that is where we met. I lived in Atlanta for 32 years ..... knew a gentleman named John Carney in Marietta who did old jukeboxes and slots. There is no telling.

The slot is all EM and the first wheel strip part # matches the stamp on the index wheel. I haven't lifted up and looked at the second one but the fruits and bars are not in the positions as they are on the first wheel strip. I am pretty sure I need an index disk with B 3LE 2 stamped on it. Either that or replace the wheel strip 2 with another B 3LE 1 strip. It would match up with the index disk because they are identical both 1 & 2 wheels with the stamps, and the slots in the disk all match too. What do you think my chances are in finding the correct index disk or wheel strip?
Thanks again for your time.
Dave Fowler

Hi David,

Lets cut to the chase then, and get to the quick fix, below is the guy to contact and you would have the best chance of locating the items that you need to find, going through him. Here is his contact information:


(727) 844-7568

Please call between 7am and 3pm
Mon thru Sat.

I hope this gets'er done for you David. All good feedback here at allexperts is very welcomed.

Thank You
Rodger Knutson

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