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Hi, i got the cabinet from a family friend. I dont know anything about it. I would like to know maybe what it is, how old it is, who made it or some info so i will be able to find out more about it.

Hi Ashley
Nice to hear from you.
This is a bit out of my line but I'll tell you what I see from your picture.
A really really nice sideboard from the 30's or 40's.
Looks like it has walnut veneer with a lovely Herringbone effect on the front panels.
I think the top piece is from a china hutch that was a seperate piece but from the same set. But married together in this fashion it looks good.
It would have had a table and chairs at one time but sadly over the years it was common to break these sets up.
As far as who made it Ashley, no one can tell you that. Unless you can find a manufacturer name on it.
We also have several antique experts on site who may shed more light on this.
Hope this helps a bit.
Kind Regards

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