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sewing tools
sewing tools  

sewing tools
sewing tools  
Anxiously waiting your response about my 6 thimbles but thought I'd send a pic of the rest of grandma's sewing things.  I have another bone stiletto and hundreds of MOP buttons also that aren't pictured.
Thanks in advance for your input!

Hello Katherine,

This one just showed up in my mail........

Sewing tool picture:

Black object, handle and bulbous top =  a darner.  Used for darning socks.  It appears to be painted wood and would date 20th century.
Red handle = latch hook for picking up a wayward knitting stitch - 20th century.
Black handle with eye - not sure on this one.
Silver shuttle - this is a tatting shuttle and appears that it might date to early 20th century. I see that it has a PAT APPLIED FOR stamp on the one side.
The wooden shuttle is a knotting or tatting shuttle.  The bird on it is interesting.
Paper needle packets.

The bone awl or stiletto is one of the more common designs. This piece dates to the mid-1900s and could be American or English.

I hope this helps.

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