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Walnut Set
Walnut Set  
Hi, Bob. I'm trying to get a professional's view on what I have here. Basically, just your overall view, on what the set is! I know absolutely nothing, about furniture. The set was given to us, from a relative. From what i've been told, the set is from the late 60's and was purchased on the eastern shore of Md. There are no marks, whatsoever, with the exception of a "Walter of Wabash" mark on the slide. Which i've found out, is only the maker of the slide. The table's 42x60", with 2- 12" leaves. 8 chairs and the China cabinet. The set seems to be rather solid. Isn't rickety, at all. But, the finish is dinged up a little bit, from the prior owners. I was talking to a friend of mine and he thought that the set, could be somewhat valuable. If you could tell me your thoughts on the set and give me an around about value, that would be fantastic. And would it (if the set has any value at all), devalue the set, if I decided to re-finish it? I'm seriously considering sanding a prepping the furniture, to be sprayed with a nice lacquer stain in a booth. But, I don't want to do that, if it takes away value.

Bob, I really appreciate it!

Michael Miller

Although a nice set it, as you know, is not antique and has not 'antique' value.  The value lies only in that it is a nice set but would sell as used furniture.  The style is great, it would probably be called early American from the manufacturer since the styles are mixed, table and chairs are one and the china another but this is what we see together and it should be together.

Refinishing properly will not devalue but improperly and unskilled will hurt.

Please take this in the helpful spirit it is intended->
From your description of "sanding and prepping" and "spraying with a nice lacquer stain" it tells me that you have limited knowledge and skill in restoration.  Why I say this is that we dont sand and stain ans spray lacquer stain.  What we do is strip with methylene chloride stripper not of the paste type.  Gently and lightly sand-very gently making sure we do not disturb the remaining color, stain with either a pigmented or a dye stain, then spray lacquer sealer, rubbing with specific paper, recoating, rubbing, then spray either a standard nitrocellulose, precat, or a post cat lacquer.

If there are nicks and dings, they remain, although they will look better.  Here is what i recommend to you.
Buy toluene free Briwax in a dark cherry or a brown color and wax the entire set.  It will take about two hours to do the table, 30-45 minutes per chair, and 4 hours to do the china.
Afterwards, use it and dont do anything else for at least 6 months.  You will probably decide at that time that you like it.  That is what I would do were it mine.

retail in an antiques mall or better resale store the chairs would price at 75 each, the table at 400, more if you have the 2-3 leaves.  The china at 650.

I would think this is cherry wood.

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