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I have an Acorn Gumball Machine with a number on the back of the body, E19185. What can you tell me about this machine? The globe is broken, any recommendations on where I can find a replacement? Once repaired, what would the value of this machine be?

Thanks, for any info you can provide,

Hi Bill,

The Acorn gumball machine was manufactured by the Oak Mfg Co. which began
operations in 1947. Some form of the company is still in business.
Because so many machines have been produced over the years, the Oak Acorn
is considered an entry level collectable and has a low value. A complete
machine, in working order, would have a value of $60 to $80.
If you follow e-Bay, globes show up quite often. Also, there are ads from
dealers who have parts for sale. Look for the ads at the bottom of listings.
Good luck with your hunt.
Regards,  Gumgod  

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