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larkin desk
larkin desk  

larkin desk
larkin desk  
Hi My father in law left us with what I believe is a Larkin Desk, although I don't see any stamps or identification.  Do you know what style it may be or any details about it, it does have the original key.  We will probably just sell it since we don't have the space for it, any information is greatly appreciated.

Hi Jenny
Nice to hear from you.
I had such a desk. Its beautiful.
Yours is oak (solid oak,not veneer), it has had the original finish removed but whoever refinished it did a great job ..your Father?
I would not take less than 250.00 for this piece but I am in Canada and prices may vary in Az.
You say you have no room for the desk , but try to find a spot LOL.
Merry Christmas from Canada

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