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My bowl
My bowl  

Another I have seen
Another I have seen  
Hello,  I have recently bought a lalique pinsons bowl. It was stated that this bowl was manufactured after the death of Rene Lalique.  I have seen various pictures of this bowl (post Rene Lalique era) but they appear to have the signature in different places.  Some have Lalique France right in the centre of the base and some have Lalique France written around the edge of the base.  I am just wondering if there is a 'correct' placing for the signature as I am worried I may have bought a fake.  Thank you

Hi Edwina.

If you send some photos of your bowl.... one from above the bowl showing the entire bowl in one clear photo, not with any weird lighting or anything, just clear and plain. Also on the same basis, please send one from the side as well, and clear photos of any labels, stickers, markings or signatures. Finally, to the nearest mm or 1/16 inch, let me know the diameter of the bowl. I'll take a look at the additional photos and information and get back to you.


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