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Name Bowler
Name Bowler  
Hello, I recently obtained a Chicago Coin "Name Bowler" shuffle bowling machine.  It is in good condition but needs some adjustments to work perfectly.  Is there an operating manual for such a machine?  What is this machine worth?  I would like to trade up to a ball bowling machine... Is there a preferred seller/buyer for these machines?  I live in Ohio.
Thank you!

Hi Lawence, Typically, older puck bowlers, such as yours bring very little money unless fully restored and working.  So most of the value on these or on ball bowlers is in the restoration.  As is your's is worth maybe $200.  Restored puck bowlers can bring $1000-2000, but a lot depends on the model.  Ball bowlers can be found for $400-500, but restoration can bring the price up to $2500-5000 or more, as there is a lot of time involved.  It's unlikely you'd get any trade up value, but I agree with you that I think ball bowlers are a lot more fun.  For a manual you could check with  Good luck!   Larry

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