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coffee cup and saucer
coffee cup and saucer  

Diamond shape
Diamond shape  
Information and value of glassware that has been in the family at least since 1910.
The name we were able to find: Heisey Glassware


Thanks for the question, but unfortunately, my expertise is American Art Pottery and not glassware.  I do know that Heisey glassware is very collectible, but a great deal depends on the pattern, rarity and of course, condition.  I would seek out another expert who might be more knowledgable than I regarding early Heisey glass.

Good luck in your search.


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I endeavor to answer all questions relating to the "identification" of American Art Pottery from the period of roughly 1880 through 1920. I specialize in the area of arts & crafts period pottery but do not limit myself specifically to that time period.


I have 20+ years experience buying, selling and identifying American Art Pottery both on the web, to private clientele and in a brick and mortar shop in Massachusetts.

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