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Front and side view
Front and side view  
QUESTION: We purchased these two matching rockers from a second hand store, and tried to research them online when we got home. We think that the mark on the bottom refers to Virginia House furniture, but the mark is not like the mark described in what little information we did find. There is no other mark other than the stenciled VA. HOUSE with some numbers (see photo). We also could not find any images of Virginia House rockers that look like these. The images we were able to find were much heavier looking, and not as decorative. They are very beautiful, well balanced, and well taken care of. As you can see from the images, one is bolted on the bottom, and one is screwed. We think they may be maple, but again, could find very little information on this brand. We are wondering what the age of these chairs might be, if they are actually Virginia House, if you can tell what the wood is, and what they might be worth.Thank you very much!

ANSWER: yes they are va house but i need to see two more pictures.
each picture with both rockers in it.  one with a front view of both the other with a side view of both, taken with you standing, thanks

what did you pay

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front view
front view  
side view
side view  
QUESTION: Follow up: Thank you for responding to my questions. Attached are the photos you requested. We were also wondering, due to the differences in the way the bottoms are constructed, if maybe they were specially made for someone (a couple?) and one of them was heavy - thus requiring reinforcement?  The extra reinforcement was not done after the fact - it appears to be part of the original construction. We purchased the chairs for $90 each. For reference in the photos, I am 5'9" tall.

ANSWER: the company started in the 1940s and was bought up in the late 1990s.  little info is available.  I have heard they were in Smyth County VA.  The county name sticks because i was doing research once on a clock from the copenhaver estate there.

The chairs  would be maple and i am certain they are from different runs.  i cannot see the factory number on che new er chair but it would not hlep identify an exact age, merely style, and stain generally.

for 90 each you did well!!

what are the marking on each?

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QUESTION: Hi Bob - thank you so much for the info so far - very helpful. Not sure what you mean by markings. Do you mean the numbers on the bottom? If so, the numbers on the chair that are blocked in the picture is VA.HOUSE 7200-44K. Then there is the number SO.829 (that you can see). The other chair only has VA.HOUSE 7200-454. There are no other marks anywhere on the chairs. Thank you!!

the markings on the bottom, yes.  the company, the style number, color, or finish number. or perhaps a catalog number.  being they are different confirms the chairs a slightly different, but we knew that by the way the undercarriage was attached.  for all practical purposes they are the same.

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