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chair 2
chair 2  
QUESTION: I am hoping you can answer the following questions about a chair I acquired that was found in an old house.

1 what type of chair is it and the approximate age?
2 what does the tooled leather piece mean? Is it some sort of heraldic family emblem, or coat of arms perhaps and if so do you know  whose it is?
3 what type of wood is it
4 what is the approximate value?

Thank you for your time


ANSWER: The wood of what I can see is oak.

the decoration is typical of a style produced around 1890/1900.  a loose replica of an early English style from the 1600s.

if you will provide a full view picture of the chair i can give an idea of a fair market value and I can confirm or change the date of manufacturer.

full view front

oblique view rear


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chair 3
chair 3  

chair 4
chair 4  
QUESTION: I apologize. The system will only allow me to attach two photos at a time.
I have attached a picture of the full chair and the back.

Thank you very  much


no apologies necessary, i generally ask for additional photos to help answer questions.  pictures arent the best way to assess items but it is certainly better than verbal questions.

The wood is oak.  this grain of oak in the seat and back is called tiger oak by most but it is more accurately described as quarter sawn oak.  the wood is cut to expose the stripe or 'flake'.  

here is the best explanation on how it is made, go to the page and on the right side ther is a click which shows a video.

is around 325realistic fair market value in a shop  

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