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I recently purchased an old flat top trunk.
It's beautiful and looks like it's original.
It is wood with black metal on the edges and top, it has it's original 4 castors, it has thick leather handles both in great shape, the exterior looks as though it was covered with a fabric of some sort but doesn't look 'cut off' maybe was worn off? you can tell b/c it's under the latches. There are 2 detailed latches on the front with an Eagle Lock Company lock in the middle. It uses a barrel key. The Eagle Lock Company in the USA is all this trunk really gives away as far as age...except...
The interior is a mothball smelling fabric..and when you open the lid there is a diamond shaped logo that is a black image of a crocodile with a purse in it's mouth, pulling a chest/trunk. Under the picture in the diamond it says TRADE MARK. that's it! i can't seem to find anything about this 'trade mark'.
Any idea on the year of my trunk or the maker that used this trademark?

thanks so much!

Trademark emblem
Trademark emblem  

Duluth Trunk label
Duluth Trunk label  
Hi Sandra,  
Your trunk was originally covered with canvas based on what you have told me. If I could see pictures I could be more certain and give a better estimate of the age.  But canvas covered trunks were very common, made both in Canada and the United States from the 1880's to the 1920's. Eagle was in business from 1853 to about 1954 and made many types of trunk locks with barrel keys so that doesn't really help date it unless I could see it. But most of those were used for as long as 30 years on trunks. The best indicator of the age of a trunk is the hardware such as the latches and other hardware pieces.  That's because many hardware items were patented and only used from a certain date.  Most trunks with metal latches and canvas covering were made between about 1880 and 1920, but that's many years. I have a variety of old trunk catalogs which show particular styles, hardware, lining, etc. which does help also. The canvas was usually called duck canvas and was used in a variety of colors. Most people will carefully cut that off and it is often very hard to tell it was even there if done carefully. Some trunks were lined with fabric, sometimes linen or muslin, and many were paper lined. Many trunks do not have a maker's label or trademark such as yours does. I've done lots of research over the last 20 years on trunk makers and the trunk styles.  The trademark you mentioned was used by a trunk company in Duluth Minnesota and also by a trunk company in Canada, and both may have actually been owned by the same company. I have pictures of a couple of these, but not of the Canadian label.  I have seen one and I know it had a name on it something like Larocque Trunk Company.  So your trunk is probably Canadian or from Duluth.  See the pictures that I am attaching.  Most likely the trunk is from the 1890's to about 1910 when most of those were made. I hope that helps you. Please leave feedback rating.  
Marvin Miller  

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