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i have a green perruches vase in ex  condition is value going up for this glass or is it stagnant i've had values form major auctions of 15-30k is it realistic tony thanks

Hi Tony. I'm answering this question on the assumption that the vase is an R. Lalique Perruches Vase.

The value of any R. Lalique piece is dependent on many things including condition, quality, color, and the speed, timing, method and cost of sale.

In a perfect world, if your vase is high quality, if the green (there are several different greens) is a good rich color, if the condition is no problems of any kind, and if you put it at major auction house in a well advertised sale (count the "ifs" as you consider the rest of this answer) the range of $15,000 to $30,000 would be a realistic expected result. Note there have been a couple of auction sales where the gross price paid by the buyer was over $30,000 for a green glass Perruches Vase.

However, what a buyer pays a major auction house and what the seller ends up with are two entirely different numbers. Just by way of a made up example, if your vase sold for $20,000 plus a buyers premium of 25%, the buyer would be $27,500 and any local taxes that might apply. You however, may end up with only the $20,000 less a commission that might reasonably be 10 to 20%, and some miscellaneous costs for insurance, photos, storage, etc. So the buyer might pay $27,500, and the seller might get $15,000 to $17,000. The difference is what pays the bills at the auction house.

And of course, there is a risk if there is a reserve on the piece that it might not meet the reserve for whatever reason that day, and you might just get it back. There is also a risk that if there is no reserve, that on a bad day, the vase sells for less.

So, the short answer to your question is  ....if, if, if, if,if, if, then the gross price paid by the buyer could reasonably be expected to be in the range you asked about. Your proceeds will of course be some other, lower number, maybe or maybe not still in that range.

There things are not like a stock on the NYSE, with buyers and sellers standing in line at bids and asks, low transaction costs, fast execution and low spreads between the bid and ask. While 2 shares of IBM common stock are alike, the same cannot be said of these old vases... due both to the production techniques of the day, and intervening events such as damage, that may have occurred during the lifetime of the piece. Basically, the IBM stock is a standardized commodity, a green R. Lalique Perruches Vase is not. So transaction costs, time, and uncertainty are much higher for the vase.


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