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1985 Carousel Gumball Machine Antique Brass Finish
1985 Carousel Gumball  

1985 Carousel Gumball Machine Antique Brass Finish 2
1985 Carousel Gumball  
I have a 1985 Carousel Gumball Machine in the Antique Brass Finish.

It is manufactured by Carousel division Ford Gum and Machine Co.

I am wondering how rare these are since I can find virtually no information regarding them online.

Are they still made today?

I would also like to know its possible monetary value.

Any answer would be greatly appreciated.


ps.I enjoyed seeing your birds and bulldogs :)

pps.I also reside in the 717

Hello Jesse

Thanks for the nice comments.  I am not an expert on Carousel machines since they are modern and were not made for commercial use but instead as home decorations.  That said I am sure they are not rare or generally valuable.  I do believe they can still be purchased new, however, your brass finish model may be discontinued if you can't find it on the web.  My guess is that it would be worth around $75.   


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