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I am inquiring about this old jug I found in the bottom of a box that I got from a storage unit.  To me it looks relatively old judging from the design, the crackle, and the condition of the cork stopper.  It has no smell inside which is also glazed the pale green color, and I suspect that the cord attached to the one remaining handle might be some sort of nylon judging from the shine.  But the bead appears to be glass.  It's about 4" high (without the stopper), 3.5 " wide, and about 2.5 " deep.  I've never seen this type of glaze and coloring before, and the cord appears to be disintegrating form age.  It looks to be some sort of folksy syrup container. It has no discernible maker's marks that I can detect.   This is one of my favorite antiques because of the mystery.  Is it possible that you could give some indication of it's age and origin, as well as any other information you might have?  I'm sure it's quite old.  I'd appreciate your help with this one.


Thanks for the question.  This is a tough one, especially since I specialize in American Art Pottery.  In any event, this looks very Asian - probably Japanese -  to me, both the style and the glaze.  It's very hard for me to determine age without being able to inspect it firsthand.  My guess it that it could be early 20th century (just a guess though) given the shape and condition from the photos.  Very cool piece.  Thanks for sharing it with me.


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