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MC Kiddie Ride
MC Kiddie Ride  
I have a Bally Traffic Police Bike 10 cent ride, the exact model of the attached pic (not mine!). As far as I am currently aware I am missing the front fender (started molding one myself), the shift lever and what it attaches to (?), the gas tank mounted spedo (?) and drive cable, and the headlight lamp. The base assembly is all there and now working smoothly. I did some cleanup and minor repair/adjustments on the National Rejectors Timer/ fine. My problem is that I cannot find any info to help me restore it, just a few recently located pic's lacking in detail. I will be pulling mine out from under in my shed shortly and can take pics of it then.
Any information and a rough scale of the current value would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thank-you very much for your time.  Michael Shoop

Hi Michael, You might put an ad in the Coin Op Collectors Assoc (COCA) website asking for help on parts.  I know of no one with the machine.  I would say the value of a restored one would be similar to the restored kiddie horses, which is in the $2500 range.  Good Luck.  Larry

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