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I am searching for a 14" metal carriage wheel that belongs on a turn of the century unpainted (brown) wicker carriage/stroller. This was my father's baby carriage who was born in 1907. All 4 wheels were missing until today when my husband and I found a white wicker carriage, same vintage, at an estate sale but with only 3 metal wheels with rubber tires. We purchased that carriage for $40. Now that we are 3 wheels richer, we are searching for a fourth one.  We have been searching for 4 wheels for two years, traveling through 24 states stopping at endless antique shops. We have had no luck on the Internet finding any type of antique carriage wheels. Today was our most lucky day finding not only a carriage with wheels but tonight we came across this site. Could you help us with ideas to locate a wheel for this beautiful carriage?

The only source I have found for wheels is Ebay under Baby Carriages & Buggies. It once took 4 months of looking till someone listed just what I needed. In my experience, your best bet would be 4 wheels in case on minor differences in design and shape or just so you can get the best 4 for your ride, then sell the other 3!If you can find just one that matches, you'll be lucky but stuff happens!.

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