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3 Piece Set B
3 Piece Set B  
3 Piece Set
3 Piece Set  
QUESTION: Hello - and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!  I recently purchased this 3 piece set at a local estate sale. I fell in love with the rocker, but ended up getting all 3 pieces for what I was willing to pay for the rocker alone.  I would like to identify, determine the age & obtain an approximate value of this set. All are upholstered with cane backs, and in very good condition. The couch has three back cushions - I have moved them so you can see the cane backs. I have searched the internet but can't find a good match.  Again, thanks so much for any information you can share.

ANSWER: The cane back set is from the 20s.  wood could be walnut but is most likely sweet gum.

Not uncommon sets when made but usually they are not well kept, cane gets brittle and is costly to replace so they are often thrown out.  a shame.  they fall into the colonial revival category.

i have restored several sets like this over the last 4 decades due to abuse but really, when one comes along that has not been abused but used properly i recommend that only paste wax be applied to the surfaces.

are there any loose joints, breaks, old repairs, loose cane?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The rocker & side chair are in excellent condition, without any loose joints, breaks or repairs.  The couch is very sturdy when you sit on it, although the front joints (peg type) need to be pushed in and secured (wood glue perhaps?).  The wood itself is beautiful on all three pieces.
The cane is in very good condition, and not loose at all. (All of the backs are cane – and there are inserts on the sides of each piece).  Any damage to the cane is so minor it’s difficult to find, and the largest “hole” would be much smaller than a pencil. But I am concerned about the cane being brittle and damage that might happen if it is used very much.     
The cushions are in good shape, although the upholstery on two of the couch cushions needs some repair.  I am trying to decide if I should have it re-upholstered, but am reluctant to do so because I love it just the way it is.  
Are you suggesting paste wax for the wood – or for the cane – or both?   And also, do you know what the approximate value would be for this set in its present condition? Thank you so much!

keep cushions covering the cane.  nothing you can do to make it non brittle although some will say to wet it or wet with water an glycerine.  might help but not enough to justify the effort.

wax it all, cane too both sides of the cane.

briwax, toluene free, dark brown color.

retail in a shop 1000-1200 tops. as shown  

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