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Bally ABC Bowler
Bally ABC Bowler  

Bally bowler
Bally bowler  
Larry, I had the bowling machine in my house for the last 40 years.  It is in working condition but operates with a minor glitch once and a while.  It has not been restored.  The backglass is in one piece and shows paint cracks and missing paint.  The internal coin mechanism is missing.  The original coin door is gone but there is a replacement door.  It is original paint and striping.  The lanes are not warped.  There are little chips marks in lane at the coin end.  The number one pin is cracked but not noticeable.  The correct light bulbs need to be used to make it brighter in the pin area.  This uses 3 inch balls.  I have two of them.  I want to sell it the easiest way possible, perhaps eBay or YouTube.  What is this worth?  Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian,  If you think of an old classic car, rusty and rough, you can buy them fairly reasonably.  But when they are restored they have man man-hours and costs into the renovation, so the value is a lot higher.  The same goes with your game.  Typically, working ball bowlers in as is condition will bring $500-1000.  If it's working perfectly around $1500, and restored, 3500-5000.  I would put the value of yours at $1000-1200.  Ebay is tricky to sell these because of shipping and costs.  Good luck!   Larry

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