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Old Needle
Old Needle  
I have an old needle with a ball point tip and engraving on it. It appears to be gold. Can you tell me anything about this. I found this in an old sewing cabinet that I bought.

Hello James,

What you have is indeed a needlework tool or sewing item.  It is known as a Bodkin.  Without knowing if there are hallmarks on your piece, it is not possible for me give you a Provenance.  
Bodkins can still be found in fitted sewing boxes but many can be found as a single item and they generally date to the mid 1800s. They were owned by both men and women and they were equally important to both sexes. They were used for running in drawstrings and threading and re-threading ribbons, cords and laces.  The earliest record of a bodkin dates to around 1652.  
Bodkins can also be found in silver as well as gold and by the late 18th century, many were sold as souvenirs and embossed with lettering or phrases such as 'forget-me-not.'


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