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 same cookie jar
same cookie jar  
Old cookie Jar
Old cookie Jar  
QUESTION: I tried researching this and found a picture of a Red Wing cookie jar that was tall and not low like this one and had a similar  design. I can see a faint "wing" on the bottom. It has a glazed finish. It was my grandmother's so it is probably made before 1950 but not sure. Can you give me more information and if you think it has any value as an antique?

ANSWER: Donna,

I was unable to find this exact piece as well in the reference material I own, and couldn't seem to find any information on line.  This may have been a different sized piece by red Wing as most companies produced varying sized I believe that this is by Red Wing and is a nice piece with some great colors.  It does have value for anyone collecting cookie jars and/or Red Wing pottery...What its' exact value is I cannot say, but I would estimate a range of value (depending on condition of course) between $125 and $175.

I hope this helps.  Feel free to email with with any more questions.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Just for your information. I should have stated the dimensions in original request. It is 8 " round and 5 " deep, can hold a lot. I use it for decorative purposes. It doesn't have any cracks or chips, just areas of worn off red lines on the cover and top ring of jar.  Donna


Many companies made varying sized pieces that not all the reference books are able to account for or find in the company records.  I think that is what you have here...definitely Red Wing, but maybe a hard-to-find size/form.  I hope that helps.


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