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Dear Larry,
I have a "Beano" (February 1936) pinball machine in good condition. It needs some cabinet work and several spring bumpers. The art work is good and the mechanicals seem to all work. The light up backboard seems to work but could use a very little touch up in a couple of spots. The only information I could find was in the"Internet Pinball Database Presents".
Do you have any idea of the value and or rarity of this piece? Is there a market for such a pinball or possibly interest by non-profit pinball museum?
Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your consideration!


Hi Richard,  I see you went to the Internet Pinball Database.  They are a great resource, but can only expand with your help.  Please send them a few good photos of your game, so they can add them to the website.  It's interesting, but games from 1936 on, when they started adding smaller, and eventually larger backglass art to pinballs had the effect of lessening the value of those games.  SO typically games from 1933-35, with exceptions of course, are of higher value than from 1936-47.  A generic value in that vintage would be $250-400 in nice condition.  Donating your game is a great idea!   You might check out the Pacific Pinball Museum.  They honor the 1930's games and may be intersted in yours.   Larry

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