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QUESTION: Hi Robert and thank you for taking the time to read and answer my question.
My husband and I just moved across the country due to his military assignment. In the relocation process, my heirloom coffee table (Mersman 7303) that I adore was scuffed and the glass oval on top was misplaced. We are filling out the "loss or damage" report paperwork now and I was wondering if I could get some information on the price range of this piece to declare it on the forms. What would this table be worth now in a market and thrift store price? Was the glass piece an original fixture, was there a mirror, or was the top bare, with no glass or mirror, upon sale?

Thanks again! It's very much appreciated!!

ANSWER: in seeing the feedback, please explain how i should have been more clear so i may better help others.  what did i no explain properly.  thanks

there appears to be some old water damage around the edges where the glass sat.

if you using the easydps forms online or the old or DD1840 forms you can put a restoration price of 250$ on the table plus the 75 for the glass replacement.  state that is less than the replacement cost.  The table sells in a retail setting at 125-150.  After the settlement, or before but after inspection of damages, buy toluene free briwax in the antique mahogany color and wax the table.

getting a price for the glass replacement would be a local issue.  here it would cost about 75$ for the replacement glass top with smoothed but not polished edges (finished).

i recently looked at a table like this for a young Marine family where the gallery had been broken off and parts lost.

i believe the glass was added but who knows....

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QUESTION: I wasn't clear on your anecdote about about the Marine family and their table:

"i recently looked at a table like this for a young Marine family where the gallery had been broken off and parts lost."

Was there a resolution to this issue of missing parts? Did you appraise this piece as well?

This was a minor issue to me. Like I said, I wasn't clear on what you were saying here. However, I do feel fully satisfied that you answered my questions above. You and this website are wonderful resources!


thank you for the clarification.  i see that i got distracted when relaying the story of the other table and did not finish typing.  point was that your were lucky they did not break the gallery and i also meant to state the repair to the gallery was above the value of the table but the shipping company agreed to have it repaired since it was listed as a family piece.

when doing move damage inspections and reports i list damages and remedies along with the costs.  if the costs exceed the value--easily done on newer items--i list that as well.  many inspectors of these claims have no clue as to value, perceived or actual, when it comes to vintage, antique, or collectable items.  

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